Autumn in Kew Gardens

Autumn in Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is undoubtedly one of the most iconic green spots of London. Any season or occasion, it makes a pleasant day out for a walk, hike or a picnic.

Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year. A burst of colours, crimsons, auburn, deep yellows, acres of land full of splendid views.

I visited Kew Gardens at the onset of the Fall. There were all kind of colours. Some leaves had turned red, while some were yellowish. Typically the leaves turn completely auburn and red by end of October. Irrespective of the time, Kew Gardens are beautiful.

How to reach Kew Gardens?

Kew Gardens can be easily reached from Central London. Its just around 25 minutes. Take a train from Waterloo to Kew Bridge station. Or you can take District line to Kew Gardens station. You can also reach Richmond and change a train from there or take a bus from Richmond to Kew Gardens.

More more options read here, on the official website of Kew Gardens.

I hope you will visit Kew Gardens and Iam sure you will love it.

I love outdoors and have written about many other parks and gardens. London is full of secret sport. Try another one here.

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