Sweden was my first tryst with Scandinavia. I have planned several times to visit atleast one country in this region, but always it ends up bursting my budget which makes me think ‘some other time’. However last May Bank holiday this finally happened, and I feel so excited to share my stories with you.

I spent four lovely days in Sweden. The country is extremely modern, high in technology, clean, very green and safe. There was a certain peaceful calm all around. It came across as a country one would want to spend your life in, at least I felt so.

Some interesting facts about Sweden, rather my observations

  • The ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ is ‘Hey’ or ‘Hej’ in Swedish.
  • Lingonberry jam or preserve makes it on your plate as part of many dishes.
  • Swedes love Cinnamon rolls/buns. Apparently they have their origins here. You will find them in almost every cafe and superstore.
  • The coffee break is called ‘Fika’ and its a tradition.

Swedes seemed to be introverts and by themselves. But when approached they came as very helpful and friendly. They are masters of design. Of course we know the IKEA birthplace. Shops with beautiful designed home furniture, accessories, show pieces are a delight to check out here. Names of most places ends in ‘torget’ (market square) or ‘gatan'(street)

Swedes are truly green people. You will be smitten by the green landscapes in Sweden. Every house’s window is lined with plants. Cafes, gardens and loads of shops sell plants and flowers. Almost every Swede rides a cycle. Its a cycle friendly country. Another reason for being in perfect shape.

You will find Volvo cars in abundance. Swedes love their beloved Volvo. The currency is ‘Krone’, its pronounced as ‘crown’

And the best, almost everyone speaks English. And i loved their accent (it was quite American)

Ready to explore?

Sweden is a picturesque country. Its one of the hidden gems and has lots beyond its capital city to explore.

Browse through this blog to check out some interesting write-ups and candid pictures from my trip to Sweden.

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