Born here; grown up here; Its my country!

India is a strange country. Depends on what you are here for and what you want to see in this country. You need to define your takeaway from here. Its not one of those countries which will appeal to everyone moment you exit the aircraft. Certainly not.

India is a growing country; today as i write I heard a statement in one advertisement on TV, ‘India is always under construction’. That exactly sums it up.

Seventh largest country of the world; Cradle of civilization; blessed with abundant natural wonders from the mighty Himalayas to pristine beaches of Andaman and Lakshwadeep; colorful lands of Kutch and Varanasi, a colonial past with a strong British stamp, some of the global cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore; India is waiting to be explored.


India is a beautiful and diverse country blessed with abundant natural beauty and history.

Browse through this blog to check out some interesting write-ups and candid pictures from my various trips across my country.

Viewing sunset on River Hooghly from Princep Ghat in Calcutta

Kolkata or better known with its old name ‘Calcutta‘, was my home for three years. I was here, just fresh out of my MBA school with a campus job. New friends, an independent life and…

Walk in the colorful Diwali Baazars of India

Diwali is no longer an Indian festival, its rather a global phenomena. The festival of lights is an annual celebration of the return of Lord Rama from 14 years of exile, and his victory against…

Chasing sunrise in Mahabalipuram

A timeless town, laden with history and enveloped by the blue waters of Bay of Bengal; Mahabalipuram is a bustling small wonder in the state of Tamilnadu in India. I really don't have a count of…

Discover this hidden gem near Mumbai : Karla Caves

On a drive from Mumbai to Lonavala, we unexpectedly discovered this small hidden gem, Karla Caves. This wasn't really on our plan and neither we knew much about it, but in hindsight I am so…


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