Travel and food pretty much are the inseparable twins. And like every travel blogger I am also a self-proclaimed foodie. I have always been wondering the actual definition and how people understand the term ‘foodie’ at large. Some who call themselves foodie and are stick thin are often laughed upon and the opposites are believed to be the true definitions. Its quite confusing. Well, irrespective of the debate, its quite clear that when you are heading to a new destination you cannot return without having experimented with the local food.

Before I went to Italy for me, pizza was one of the thick fat Dominoes ones which is dripping of cheddar cheese and has almost anything and everything on it. When I first had Pizza in Monte Catini in Tuscany, what was on my plate was a thin crust with rocket leaves, cheese shavings, few cherry tomatoes and lots of olive oil. Yes, we do learn!

I really don’t pat my back on clicking any good food pictures. By the time I have positioned everything correctly and trying different angles, I would have picked some bits and pieces and shoved it in my mouth. Every picture has a missing bread or something else. So what you see here is real hard work.

And it happens all the time; That I fall in love with a particular dish from a city. I end up having it again and again during my stay. And I also end up trying to create it myself once I am back home. When I was visiting Vilnius, I fell sick and had a high fever. Being solo I had to step out to get food for myself. Randomly I stepped into Charlie’s Pizza and the girl who served me recommended a hot orange spiced tea for my cold. Next four days I ensured to eat only at this place. After that when I went to Riga, I searched for Chalie’s Pizza and again ended up visiting there too. This is some love; some loyalty fellas!

Ready to explore?

In this blog, I have attempted to present some decent pictures with my honest account of the food I tried during my travels. Sometimes I felt I have spent a lot of money simply to try food that I didn’t like, but then that’s what travel experience is all about. Browse through and would love to know your gastronomical stories.

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