Explore the hidden ruins of St Dunstan-in-the-East in London

Explore the hidden ruins of St Dunstan-in-the-East in London

London is full of secret spots which makes this city so intriguing and beautiful. I always tell my friends that one can post all 365 days, a unique picture every day of the year and still be left with loads of pictures.

Iam doing 15 kms walk each Saturday and trying to find a new place every weekend. Given the covid situation, I avoid too much travel by train , so I am loving discovering new places on foot and needless to say my legs are becoming sexier day by day (lolll)

One such pace I discovered this weekend is St Dunstan-in-the-East. I read about it on Secret London and was so fascinated. I planned to walk from my home to this site and trust me I just dont regret my aching legs.

Far from the maddening crowd just a stones throw from Tower Of London, and named after a tenth century monk, are the ruins of this church built originally in 1100 AD. Damaged in the fire of London, restored by Sir Christoper Wren, undergone the lashes of bombs and destructions, this church was abandoned till 1967.

The City of London Corporation decided to convert these ruins to a public garden which was opened in 1971. So the garden in the church, we see today stands since the 70s.

The tall arches are still intact and are now covered in thick canopies of leafy green trees. The grounds have been manicured with cobbled stones and lush green lawns. There are small examples of landscaping with rustic wooden benches to relax and here the twitter of the birds.

I spent around 30 minutes here and it was so serene and peaceful. The green space and time away from the city noise was so calming.

Lovely time and I admire the people who thought of converting the church ruins into this botanical wonder. If you are heading to London and want to catch some quite time, take a little walk from Tower of London and head to this small, cute and very peaceful green space of this lovely city.

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