If there is a country so far that I have visited and would like to stay forever, it will be Italy. Probably I am not the first person to say this and quite sure many more desire the same. Such is the magic of Italy. If I stay here forever I know I can travel every day of the year and still be left with loads to see.

People go to Italy because they have heard about it being so famous, because of Rome, because of whatever they remember from their history books. I have heard some of my very close friends not being impressed by Italy as they though it was repetitive with mammoth statues and an overdose of the ‘lost civilization’.

Before one visits Italy, you have to decide what you want out of Italy and then decide which parts to visit. Of course if its a tick-mark visit the standard places of a Rome, Venice, Vatican, Pisa, Milan are there and yes the new addition to the list is Florence.

This post will be too short to enlist everything as I too have not been able to visit all parts of Italy. However for architecture and history lovers, the whole of the country is at your disposal. If you are a sucker for beaches and some pristine beach beauty, check the amazing Southern Italy with destinations like SicilySardinia. The celebrity destination of Amalfi coast is on the southwest coast.

If there is one country I would say one should Visit before you Die, on my top 5 would be Italy; Undoubtedly!


Italy is an assault on your senses with its grandeur, its larger than life historical cities, the goosebumpy feeling standing at the site of ancestors who walked there more than 5000 years ago, the culinary extravaganza and the joy of living slow life.

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