Exploring gardens of St Paul’s Cathedral

Exploring gardens of St Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s is probably the most iconic landmark of London. Whether you view it just before landing at Heathrow or you view it from Fleet Street or SouthBank or Cheapside, there are various facets of this gigantic work of art and it can never cease to impress you.

I cross St Paul’s every week in some way of the other and everytime I click so many pictures. I have a folder called St Paul with more than 1000 pictures. There is some itch whenever I am in front of it, I end up taking my phone out to snap and everytime I decide that this is the last time.

More than 300 years old, St Paul is the mother church of London, one of the largest in the world with its 111 meters high Dome as its most iconic feature. The current cathedral is the 5th one on the site with all the previous one destroyed. Sir Christopher Wren designed the Cathedral in Baroque style architecture.

The gardens of the Cathedral is designed by  Edward Milner. Lovely blooming roses, sculptures, wooden benches, fountains and thick canopies surround the huge structure. There are cast iron railings all around and some ornately carved iron gates.

If you are visiting London as a tourist, its must to make a visit to the Cathedral. The interiors of the Cathedral are grand and luxurious. Your ticket price will include climb to the whispering gallery and the top gallery. You will get undoubtedly the best views of London skyline from here. The climb up the narrow stairway can be arduous. However the views are rewarding. Its very easy to reach the Cathedral. By train the closest Tube station is St Pauls, Cannon Street, Monument/Bank. You can also walk from Tate Modern on Millennium Bridge which will bring you right in front of the Cathedral.

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