Wind in the willows walk at Cookham Commons

Wind in the willows walk at Cookham Commons

Cookham Commons is a vast 800 plus acres of varied landscape of meadows, grasslands, woods with lovely flowers in bloom. Part of National Trust, this area has been a major part of the local community since decades. The views from here are as far as Marlow with Thames flowing on one side.

With the lockdown restrictions being lifted early last year, I headed for a gentle day hike in these woods.

Its said that Kenneth Grahame was inspired here for his Wind in the Willows book with real naughty and interesting characters; hence these walks are named after it.

There are couple of Walking routes in Cookham Commons most popular one is Wind in the Willows walk. There is a shorter and longer version of the walk.

I did the longer version and you can find the updated directions on the National Trust website. Click here

The walk commences at the National Trust Car Park. You don’t need to pay its more like an open car park. Straight from here you are on the Cookham Dean Commons. Keep walking as per the instructions in the link.

This iconic red telephone booth is a landmark which comes very early in the walk about in Step 2. Well its not really a telephone booth but a book exchange library. Isn’t it so cute?

The long route takes you inside small and narrow village lanes where you will find lots of these pretty cottages. They are so lovely, I felt like really knocking on one of the doors to let me take a peek inside.

The facades are so well decorated with seasonal flowers and plants all around.

The woody routes are beautiful. With trees around, lush greenery and blooming flowers. No wonder Grahame got so inspired here.

On church road you will cross this blue plaque of Sir Henry Walford Davies on your right. He was one of the iconic English composer of all times. There is Ste John Baptist Church with a cemetery. On the opposite side you will see Jolly Farmer, a local pub as well where I had lunch.

A bench in the woods around Step 12 is a viewing point. You can see views upto Marlow across Thames.

While we started the walk we crossed this pretty pub Jolly Farmer

We quickly made a booking for lunch and continued our walk. While we were almost done with our walk and were in time to catch few pints and their delicious meal. My order of steak and ale pie was gorgeous.

Ended our walk with a full tummy.

Cookham is such a pretty village. It was so quiet and peaceful. The cottages were lovely. Its too small to get lost as well. Totally enjoyed the walk and the forest fragrance all along.

Further from here?

If you take the short walk you can head back to London and explore more. Or you can head to Marlow, Henley, Sonning or Windsor which is all in about under an hour drive.

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