Welcoming New Year, goals and resolutions

Welcoming New Year, goals and resolutions

So finally the new year 2022 is here and everyone is talking about New Year Goals and Resolutions.

Well this is the only time of the year when we actually talk about them, or have the enthusiasm to even start with them. As life goes on and we get sucked in the transactions of life, things start fading out and we are overtaken by other important priorities. Our goals take a backseat. Towards end of year we move into a retrospective mode, thats when we start thinking what we set out to achieve we couldnt and what should we now do differently next year.

And the cycle continues..

I am not a motivational guru to dole out advice on this subject, but I am certainly one of you who faces the same dilemmas, inconsistencies and struggles with procrastination.

So while discussing the topic of New Year Resolutions last few days with friends, I made some soft resolves in the backdrop of limited mobility options to drive myself towards good health both physical and mental.

I would always say this to people; Nature is my religion.

I love green spaces. While I am blessed to stay in a very green area with greenwich park in my neighbourhood, my resolve would be to explore and visit more green spaces this year. Its such a tranquil feeling and like a calming balm to sore city eyes. Walking in green areas of London and outside would be my top priority same as last few years.

Complete your step count without fail.

I have set a daily step count limit to 10,000. And probably I have been achieving it 2 days in a week. For all other days, I have compelling reasons to not have achieved it, from work to weather, to a headache to everything else possible.

It’s important to get fresh air daily especially in cold country like ours. Do your step count without fail, its an easy goal and will drive your lazy ass out of house and fill your lungs with some fresh air.

Try to explore a new place every month

Now this can be hard. And I am not proposing a holiday every month either. During lockdown I have discovered so many walking paths around my neighbourhood, artisan cafes, local markets, that I was totally unaware of during my pre-pandemic busy and programmed life. If the covid situation eases, I would try to head to even somewhere close to Surrey or Kent to just get a change of scenery and explore a new place. Or find one not too far from me.

Lots of walks

By now you know I love walking. I think not only for health but even for mental peace I find long distance walking very therapeutic.

To complete step counts and explore green spaces, long walks is the best way to do it. I recommend to everyone to walk daily even though its for 20 minutes or walking to your supermarket. Try walking some part without any music and just look around, unwind and feel aware and present. You can count on me, on how this can help you in your daily mind detox


Well its hard to believe this is now becoming a north star in everyone’s life. And I won’t lie how much Iam craving to travel specifically out of the UK. Its been a hard few years so far and 2022 seems to have started with the same pandemic scare.

But we all have Hope to cling to. Hoping this year we all can travel somewhere however small it is. To keep our mental health and our drives to explore the world always high.

Walk a lot, eat well, watch less telly, spend a lot of time with nature. Never stop exploring

To summarise the above statement is the most cliche that you hear on telly, from your mom, and probably from everyone who thinks spewing free advice is cool. Sorry there isnt a secret mantra to be happy other than making these small changes.

And most of all discover and experience the power or Order and Discipline in your life. See how you can achieve your goals and be a better version of yourself. With this, I wish you a Happy New Year again. Wishing an year full of possibilities, good health and exploration.

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