Where to see Christmas lights in London’s West End?

Where to see Christmas lights in London’s West End?

Well, probably you already know where to see Christmas lights in London, and this post will really not tell you anything new. London does it best when it comes preparing itself to welcome to the biggest festival in the year, Christmas. You can see a illuminated spectacle in all its major streets specially in Central London, though across London there are pretty and quirky thematic light displays.

So if you have just one evening, its best to head straight to the West End, the most glamorous and expensive streets who are all dolled up as we await to welcome the New Year.

Oxford Street

Bond Street

St. Christopher’s Place

Regent Street

Ganton Street

Carnaby Street

So which one is your favourite?

To be honest, its hard to choose. While Carnaby Street has outdone itself this year by choosing sea life theme where all lights are made of recyclable material; Regent and Bond Street have the same displays like last year. Oxford street chose digital displays over the pretty baubles of last year, that is certainly not very impressive.

My award goes to Carnaby Street for being so experimental and trying something so different, so very Londonish.

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