Do Not visit Tivoli Gardens before it gets dark, and this is why!

Do Not visit Tivoli Gardens before it gets dark, and this is why!

Tivoli Gardens is an undoubted Must visit in the list of anyone who is visiting Copenhagen. When I was planning my trip, I did put this in my list as well, however I was not sure if I wanted to visit an Amusement park with rides and roller coasters. I have honestly lost that kid like excitement to shout my gut out spiraling up in the sky in a vertical ride with my legs hanging loose. So I thought I will decide on the go, probably I will see how much money I am left with at the end of the trip and this would be my last chosen attraction.

For the uninitiated, Tivoli Gardens is world’s second oldest Amusement park, literally in the heart of Copenhagen, opened its doors in 1843, so its 19th century old. Its probably the most famous attraction in Copenhagen, Denmark and even in Scandinavia. They say Walt Disney visited Tivoli several times and took ideas to create his Disneyland. Michael Jackson wanted to buy it. It was somewhat destroyed by the Nazis in 1940s, however it was restored and was back in action soon.

So on Day 4 of my trip, I was left with a sizable sum, thanks to some nice cheap delis I was having food daily. I had crossed Tivoli several times in last 4 days; given it was Easter time, the entrance was heavily decorated with lights and Easter eggs. The rides and roller coasters are so high that they are visible even from outside the park. The place looked glittering at night. So I thought, I am not too interested in the rides, however I am a night bird and I love the cities and its illuminated structures at nightfall. So I finally decided to buy the Tivoli ticket and visit only when its dark.

I was completely awestruck after entering Tivoli. So its called Tivoli gardens, and its actually an amusement park. However unlike many other amusement parks, this one has lovely landscaping, cozy cafes and gardens, boats giving it a very garden like feel. All rides, carousels, roller coasters, all structures were heavily lit up in psychedelic colors. The reflections in the small lakes were stunning.

I went around 9pm. The gardens had become very quiet and deserted, however they were open. There were very few people and it was a delight to be there literally by myself, exploring all parts, clicking pictures. The ambiance was like you are in Vegas, albeit a very quiet one. There are oriental style buildings which are beautifully lit up and is a major attraction for tourists.

Brightly colored lamps, thousands of lights, I was so delighted about my decision to come here at night. I spent more than an hour, till the parks closed and they drove out the leftover night birds like me.

Walking in the park, I spotted lots of souvenir shops which have the’I love Copenhagen’ merchandise, lots of cafes and food joints, one serving Chinese fast food was still open, casinos, shops selling other stuff like clothes, other fancy items. Its like a small town inside.

With these pictures, you would be convinced that like me, if you love the night lights, Tivoli gardens must be visited after dark to enjoy its glamorous avtar.

If you have the Copenhagen card, the tickets to Tivoli are discounted. There are options which the ticket office will show to you. I chose the one without any rides, only an entry to the park.

Also check the opening days, it may be closed in extreme cold weather. I visited in April which was an amazing weather time in Copenhagen.

You cannot miss Tivoli, its easiest to find. Right opposite the main train station. Or take train to Vesterport station. By Bus almost all the buses into the city will stop at the station. Check 10, 15, 26, 30, 40, 66, 2A, 5A , 6A or 250S from your location.

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