What to see and do in Herceg Novi

What to see and do in Herceg Novi

On my last day in Montenegro, I was torn between travelling to Bar or Herceg Novi. I didn’t want to do much as I had already had my beach fun at Budva and a lazy lunch at Perast. So I decided to head to Herceg Novi which was about an hour by road from Kotor.

I took the Bus from Kotor bus station. The route was via Perast. There were services every hour, I chose to head there after lunch.

Why visit Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi, like many other towns and cities of Montenegro has changed many hands from Turks, to Spaniards, Venetians, Russians, Serbs and was at a point of time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Herceg Novi is at the entrance of the Kotor Bay, it’s known for its fortifications and stunning views of the bay. It is also close to Dubrovnik in croatia. Takes about under an hour to drive to Herceg Novi. So if you want to make this as a day trip from Croatia, its a good idea. You could possibly do Herceg Novi, Perast and Kotor all in a day trip.

How to Reach Herceg Novi

By Air: The nearest airports are Tivat Airport (about 30 km away) and Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia (about 30 km away). Both airports offer shuttle services and taxis to Herceg Novi.

By Car: Herceg Novi is accessible via the E65/E80 highways if you’re driving from other parts of Montenegro or neighboring countries.

By Bus: Regular bus services connect Herceg Novi with major cities like Podgorica, Kotor, and Dubrovnik. I boarded a bus from Kotor via Perast which takes about one hour to Herceg Novi

What to see and do in Herceg Novi?

Firstly let me answer How much time is enough for a visit to Herceg? I spent just about 2-3 hours here. You can spend half a day or entire day. There are accommodation options if you want to stay for the night. It’s definitely cheaper than Kotor.

So what to really see in Herceg, lets check out some places I visited.

1.Old Town

Explore the narrow, cobblestone streets of the Old Town, where you’ll find charming squares, ancient churches, and bustling markets. It definitely has a European town feel to it.

Right in the center of the old town is the church of St Archangel Michael, small yet beautiful. Its free to enter. The interior is of an Orthodox church. From here if you walk to the right you have the fortifications and some very scenic views across the Bay.

I also came across a small Bookshop, the owner claims its the smallest book shop in the world. He has very interesting books most of them are not in English. He also showed books he has written and translated. He spoke English very well and convinced me to buy a magnet. I dont know about his writing but he definitely has good sales skills. The shop is just when you climb the steps from the large arch.

2.Forte Mare (Sea Fortress)

This imposing structure offers stunning views of the Adriatic and is a testament to the town’s strategic importance over the centuries. Located in the southern part of old town, this fort has stood test of times and protected the city. Do not miss the amazing views from any corner of its walls.

3.Promenade Pet Danica

A 7-kilometer long seaside promenade perfect for a leisurely walk, offering numerous cafes, restaurants, and beaches along the way. Named after the 5 young girls gave their life fighting for their country during the world war.

The scenes are somewhat like Carribeans with many palm trees along the coast.

4. Kanli Kula

Another historic fortress with a Turkish name, Kanli Kula, now serves as an open-air amphitheater hosting various cultural events and concerts. You may be in for a treat if visiting in summers as there are a lot of concerts that are staged in this theatre, The scenery is breathtaking. Do not forget to click some selfies. I did not get a chance to go here and the picture is below is not of the theatre.

5. Savina Monastery

Located just outside the town, this serene monastery complex dates back to the 11th century and features beautiful frescoes and a rich history.

Named after Sava, founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church, this peaceful monastery enjoys wonderful coastal views from its location on the town’s eastern slopes. It’s dominated by the elegant 18th-century Church of the Dormition (Crkva uspenja Bogorodice; literally ‘the falling into sleep of the Mother of God’), carved from Croatian pinkish stone. Inside there’s a beautiful gilded iconostasis. The smaller church beside it has the same name but is considerably older (possibly 14th century) and has the remains of frescoes – Lonely Planet

I did not get a chance to visit the Monastery, but from what I have read and heard I highly recommend you to visit if you get an opportunity.

Where to go next?

  1. Kotor: Just a short drive away, Kotor is renowned for its medieval Old Town and spectacular bay views.
  2. Perast: Another gem on the Bay of Kotor, Perast is known for its baroque architecture and the iconic Our Lady of the Rocks island.
  3. Dubrovnik, Croatia: Just across the border, Dubrovnik offers a stunning Old Town and vibrant cultural scene.
  4. Budva: Known for its lively nightlife and beautiful beaches, Budva is perfect for those looking to experience Montenegro’s coastal charm.

Final thoughts on Herceg Novi

I was expecting a lot from Herceg Novi but honestly I was neither disappointed nor delighted. I just spent 2-3 hours here including the time I walked to and fro from the bus stop and waited for the bus. The old town needs barely 10 minutes to walk around. Unless you sit down for a meal or head to the promenade, I didn’t find much to see and do.

It probably needs more time to explore. I would say its pretty and some of the views from the fort walls are gorgeous. If you come here for a meal or half a day or a concert, I think that would be really enough to explore this small pretty town.

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