Walking Guide Wimbledon to Richmond

Walking Guide Wimbledon to Richmond

Wimbledon Village is a quaint little hamlet rather affluent which is known for its well manicured houses, leafy streets, historic pubs and the Wimbledon Commons. Read about my guide to Wimbledon village here

If you have walking goals further from the village, an ideal suggestion would be Wimbledon Commons to Richmond Park. Its about an hour walk, if you don’t make any stops. Easy walk, but be mindful of your shoes as with slight rain the area can be really muddy and slushy.

The starting point of the walk should be Windmill Museum.

Have a brunch or afternoon tea at its tearooms before you make a start. Its a lovely sit out and you can enjoy its green well kept lawns. After this if you are geared up, lets start walking!

  1. From Windmill Museum Tea rooms, head towards the Capital Ring path, there will be a narrow path towards your left if you stand with your back to the Museum. Follow the directions and walk towards the pond
  2. In about 5-7 minutes walk on a dense dark path, you will reach the beautiful Queensmere Pond. Spend sometime here, admire the beauty and the crystal clear waters. Click some pictures.

3. From the pond you have to head in East direction if you are sitting on the benches as soon as you reached the Pond. There are paths defined from where you will head next to Putney Vale Cemetery. Note you will walk on the backside against the fence of the cemetery.

4. From here you have two routes to proceed. Either you can walk to Richmond Park Golf Course to enter Richmond Park OR you can walk to Robin Hood Gate of Richmond park.

5. For Option 1, take a left from the Putney Vale Cemetery and walk towards Stag Lane. Exit on A3 and cross the road and walk left on Roehampton Vale till you reach Stag Lodge Stables. The Robin hood gate is opposite to it. From here you can follow the directions inside the Park to navigate to your exit

6. For Option 2, take a right from the Putney Vale Cemetery and walk towards Norstead Place. You will cross an underbridge and once you are out take a left and walk towards Norstead Place. Cross the road and you will see the Richmond Golf Course Entrance. From here you can navigate your way following the directions in the Park.

Short and sweet walk but once you reach Richmond park, it can be a long walk inside depending on which side you want to exit from. I would suggest to take the Robin Hood Gate route as the walk inside the golf club has its own restrictions.

Further from here, if you want to relax your tired legs, head to the Richmond town and have a brunch at one of its many top class resturants or catch a pint at its historic pubs. Get inspired from my earlier post on Richmond.

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