My Best of 2018!

My Best of 2018!

As I sat today reminiscing the wonderful year I had, thought of putting together few of the lovely places I visited. For me, it was an year filled with family travel, with my Dad turning 71 and we traveling together to Europe. Our annual tradition of a sisterly trip, and it was to fabulous Greece. And my few Solo trips to French Rivera, Sweden and exploring the city of dreams, London.

2018 was significant for me as I put the 25th country on my personal travel map. And guess which one it is; one of the smallest one in the world, Monaco!

Here is a small round up in pictures of the countries and places that went down in my travel scrapbook in the year 2018

York, England

The beautiful county of Yorkshire in north England holds enough surprises for everyone who visits it. I visited York, its capital with its charming quaint streets, tea rooms, a very impressive Minster, and lush green areas.


Whitby, England

A day trip from York, on the seacoast is the beautiful town of Whitby. Known for its lovely Abbey ruins and a pretty waterfront; oh how can I forget the amazing fish and chips.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Lesser known among the tourist brigade who prefer the capital city of Stockholm, but Gothenburg is every bit of your wallet. Edgy, bold, green with tall and fit population

Western Sweden Archipelago

A very picturesque group of small islands in the western side of Sweden accessible from Gothenburg, collectively called the Western Sweden Archipelago. Some of these islands are so sparsely populated that it was hard to spot people on its streets. Most of these are car free islands too. Full of breath-taking scenery and a very Nordic experience of high quality of life

Milan, Italy

This was probably the biggest surprise on our trip to Europe. We checked out from Venice early morning to head to Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. The best route was via Milan. And my mind could only think of one thing, how to plan a visit to the Cathedral, and well our wishes do get granted at times. And we got these wonderful three hours in Milan and I would say we were blessed to have seen the massive, marvel of architecture Milan Cathedral. In my list this is probably the No 1 Cathedral in Europe.

Rome, Lauterbrunnen, Frankfurt, Paris

I took my parents to their first ever Europe trip. We visited four countries and these four were our main hubs. In around 12 days we saw some beautiful places like Rome, Vatican, Venice, Milan, Lauterbrunnen, Thun, Frankfurt and Paris. I was so fortunate to have visited Vatican for the second time and enjoyed the Sistine Chapel and the Museums much more than the rushed up first time. One of the most memorable trips with my parents.


My silver country, well I meant this is the 25th country which I added to my scrapbook this year. The second smallest country in the world after Vatican. A playground of billionaires; I felt as if I was suddenly transported into a  different world of luxury cars, some amazingly dressed people, fancy private yatches and the much famous Monte Carlo Casino

Nice and French Rivera, France

A quick trip which was planned last minute, turning into a wonderful one. Nice is a delightful city, the fifth most populous one in France and extremely classy. The Promenade des Anglais is a lovely street with boutique hotels overlooking the azure waters of Mediterranean sea.


And this one wins my best destination award for 2018. One country which I will definitely go back to. Azure Aegean sea, white and blue towns, literally postcard streets, mouth-watering food and heart-warming people, Greece is the lands of Gods. If I can really say one country you should visit before you die, it is Greece.

How was your year and what are your travel plans for 2019? Do share your thoughts.

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year. May many travels be with you.


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