January’19 : Done & Dusted!

January’19 : Done & Dusted!

Can’t believe that we are already one month through in 2019. Just a while back we were sending New Year greetings and today we are in the second month. Time flies  indeed. And leaves me thinking always how important it is to seize the moment and live your life. As an expat in London, I want to explore more of this beautiful city as much as I can, and seriously I am trying to get bored of it, but its just not happening!

Jan was a really cold month and my motivation was really low to step out on weekends. However wanderlust is always off limits, and I got my fair share of visiting new places, getting some new experiences and clicking pictures for my travel memoirs. Here is the first month diary.

Full English Breakfast at Maggies’

English breakfast is not new to me, I have had it several times in various places in England, however London has some of the best known fry ups and its a shame not to have tried even one of them. So my resolve is to visit some of the best known London breakfast cafes and treat myself to a hearty brekkie over weekends. To start with, it was one of the most famous in East London, Maggies’ in Lewisham. And what more to ask, than to be served by Maggie herself.

Blackheath Farmers Market

An affluent area in the Greenwich Borough of London is Blackheath, lined with lovely Victorian houses, cafes and boutiques. The station car park turns into a farmers market every Sunday. There is cheese from Bath, milk from Sussex, cod from the coast, juices from Surrey hills and many more. Having been to Blackheath last year on Guy Fawkes night to see the firework show, I was pretty smitten by its poshness. So I did a quick breakfast getaway clubbed with some Sunday grocery shopping at the farmers market.


Writer’s walk in London

The best way to explore London is on foot, and I am not the first person to say this. There are so many walks which take you around the neighbourhoods of London which have centuries of history enveloped in their roads and walls. The famous area of Bloomsbury which had famous writers like Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Fawcett, Orwell and many more staying here and have produced some of the literary masterpieces. The walk starting from Tottenham Tube station takes 3-4 hours and is enlightening.


The football city! Its in their streets, in their cafes, in their blood. I haven’t visited any large city in England outside London and this was my first. I must say the city has some really cool vibes, quirky streets and great places to eat. And if you are on a day when Manchester United or Manchester City is playing, you are in for an experience in the city.


How was your first month of the year? Did you make any interesting travels? Would love to hear your story.



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