The postcard perfect village of Shere in Surrey hills

The postcard perfect village of Shere in Surrey hills

Do you remember the pub scene between Cameron Diaz and Jude Law? OR few scenes from Bridget Jones where her parents exchange their wedding vows?

If you do, then you will love this quaint and timeless village in Surrey which has many movies to its fame, thanks to its old world charm and well manicured looks.

Welcome to Shere!

Shere is a small village in Surrey. Tucked between Guildford and Dorking in the Tillingbourne Valley, Shere is just about an hour from London.

Few streets, a church, timber cottages with lovely gardens, a village tearoom and about 2 pubs and a river flowing with waddling ducks. This is indeed an idyllic film set. Thankfully I witnessed all this in person.

I visited Shere as part of The Chalk Trail day hike.

The route I took was a little longish to cover Shere. So i pretty much reached here from amidst meadows. Otherwise you can drive here which is easiest. There is also a train to Gomshall which is a short walk from here as well.

I walked around Shere and savoured its tiny lanes, well kept houses and gardens. The small center has Hilly’s tearoom where I gorged on Tea and Scones. Hilly herself baked these scones in front of the guests. They were delicious.

There are two notable pubs. The William Bray and White Horse. The former was used to film scenes from the movie Holiday.

Dabbling duck is a nice restaurant and also serve tea. If you walk further towards Gomshall, you will come across Kingsham which is a also another good option.

The houses and streets are probably the most attractive part of the village. The riverside is great for relaxing with your furry babies and have a picnic. I walked around as much as I could absorb the sights of this lovely quiet village. And then after a hearty treat of tea and scones, I continued by walk to Gomshall.

A visit to Shere can be combined with a visit to Gomshall. Both are tiny timeless villages. Its so peaceful to take a break from London life. And best is they are literally an hour from London.

Also you should plan a lunch in one of the pubs in either of the two villages.

Further from here?

As I mentioned before you can walk to Gomshall. There are train connections to London from there.

You can also head to Silent Pools and Newland Corner which are other popular scenic spots.

You can even head to Guildford if you want to have a look at its impressive Cathedral.

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