Indeed its true. Streets are the soul of any place. The houses, shops, theatres, cafes, all are a reflection of the character of a town.

There are streets known for their food, for fashion, for their houses, churches, theatres, for having centuries of history built in their walls. There are cobbled streets, stone streets, waterway streets, lonely streets, vibrant streets, and many others. These are many iconic streets which in itself have become famous than the cities and are a tourist attraction.

To name a few, Champ Elsyees in Paris and Fifth Avenue in New York probably lead the pack with Abbey Road in London, Promenade de Angalis in Nice, Ginza street in Tokyo, Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, Chandni Chowk in Delhi and many more.

I have always loved clicking pictures in the streets of any town or city. People doing their daily work, opulent displays on show windows, interesting studios, quirky graffiti, there is so much to learn from the streets. It’s literally the heartbeat of a city.

Ready to explore?

I have specifically introduced a page on this blog and linked several posts on streets. Take a trip to the famous and the not very famous streets of the places I have visited. After all this is where Life happens daily!

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