Easter markets in Salzburg

Easter markets in Salzburg

This Easter we are all at home in Lockdown across the globe, a time we will write down in our history books and memories. Across the Web, people are sharing throwback pictures of their travels in hope of being able to travel to their next destination soon.

For me Easter this year was at home in London, baking a Stem Ginger cake and fondly remembering my Easter trips of last few years. In 2016 I visited Austria with my sister on her 40th Birthday. We were in time to experience the Easter spirit in the local markets, food and shops.

In the beautiful city of Salzburg while going around its streets, we came across this shop which was like a paradise of Easter Eggs.

Painted eggs, embellished eggs, very intricately decorated eggs in all colors, this was a real treat. The shop has all the Christmas knick knacks too from baubles, to santas, ceramic angels and fairies and of course the Christmas tree.

Me and my sis too got few eggs, they were expensive starting from 3-5 Euros per egg. So a dozen or half dozen can cost you anywhere from 40-60 Euros. What we were very apprehensive about was how to keep them in one piece given our next few days of travel in Austria and Switzerland and then the long journeys back to our respective homes.

Good news is even today on Easter in 2020 the eggs are alive, pretty and all in one solid state. Clearly it was a very amusing visit and I have never been to a shop like this even in England. The variety, craftsmanship of these eggs was par excellence. Surely it would brighten up Easter of many families.

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