Chasing sunrise in Mahabalipuram

Chasing sunrise in Mahabalipuram

A timeless town, laden with history and enveloped by the blue waters of Bay of Bengal; Mahabalipuram is a bustling small wonder in the state of Tamilnadu in India.

I really don’t have a count of the number of times I have visited Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram, also popularly referred as ‘Mahabs‘. Staying in the capital city of Chennai on East coast road for couple of years, it was just a 30km drive from home. However in my last few visits, I captured some facets of this town which i never did before.

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it attracts tourists from all over the world for its temples and monuments. It has an envious location right on the sea coast which makes it another popular destination to enjoy a beach vacation and some very amazing local fresh seafood.

During my last visit to Mahabs, I decided to be an early bird and chase the sunrise right from dawn till it showed bright and sunny. With my alarm clock set to 5:30am and my camera at my bedside, I was all set.

5:45AM My first pic as I walked to the beach. First sight to catch my attention was this boat with few fishermen swaying up and down on the giant waves. The sun was yet to be seen

6:00AM First click of the baby sun, when it was just peeping from the clouds, strong breeze and the sea was curdling up to welcome the sun.

6:07AM The sun starts growing gently shimmering on the water and the sand

6:11 AM The sea was gurgling in frenzy. The frothy waters came up till the shore where I was sitting in my photo-yoga pose(i just invented this) with my camera

6:15AM As the sky was becoming more beautiful, this pretty poor thing came with a large wave. Lifeless yet so magnificent. This started drawing some little crowd around it

6:18AM The sun was now diffusing out from the seam of clouds. And i spotted these lovey duo perched on the edge of a boat. They didnt have a camera like me, but looked like they were also tracking the swelling sun

6:30 AM The sun was up in the sky bright and we can say it started looking sunny. This pic is near the shore temple in Mahabalipuram

Few other pics from the shore. The boats lined tidily and resting to start their day soon.

And the day starts, and life goes on!

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