Celebrating the day of Love with Lovelocks

Celebrating the day of Love with Lovelocks

Love is a great feeling; and everything associated with it. Dreams of a lovely life ahead, full of love and togetherness, of never leaving each other, of staying in love forever, till death do us part; The vows of love are equally dreamy and there is nothing more romantic for lovers than to emblazon their love on love locks, locking it forever.

Across the world, lovers have used padlocks to express their love. They tie these locks on public monuments mostly bridges on rivers. Earlier the keys were thrown in the river signifying that they are locked in love forever. However now the lock makers are making automatic locks; it locks only once; without the keys.

Love locks are soon going to be ‘extinct’. Around the world there are many cities which have bridges holding these heavy commitments from a long time, making them weak and prone to destruction. The authorities have removed locks from such bridges.

During my travels, I visited some cities in Europe where such bridges are still holding the test of time. Some of them are lesser known, happy I just found them and immortalizing them here

Pontes des Arts Bridge, Paris : France

I will consider myself very fortunate that I was able to click this picture. Well now the government has removed close to 1 million locks which weigh 45 tonnes. The bridge had become dangerous due to the weight of the locks. It has been a tradition to tie a lock and throw the key in River Seine, they say it locks your love forever.

Bridge over Moat at St Michael’s Gate, Bratislava : Slovakia

Well preserved medieval bridge with a Baroque architecture, over River Moat is an iconic structure in the small Old Town of Bratislava in Slovakia. Over the years lovers have tied locks here, the number is rising rapidly.

Makartsteg Foorbridge in Salzburg : Austria

Makartsteg Bridge spans over River Salzach in the music city of Mozart. Its a pedestrian bridge which connects two parts of the city.

Austrian lovers and tourists have tied several locks to this bridge and they still stay there.

Uzupis Bridge in Vilnius : Lithuania

The bohemian claimed to be independent republic of ‘Uzupis’ in Lithunia has a lock laden bridge where newly wed couples tie their vows forever before throwing the keys in River Vilnia.

Mühlesteg Love Lock bridge in Zurich: Switzerland

A bridge in a very romantic setting, with heart shaped locks and names of lovers etched on it.

And this was my favourite one!

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