Walk from Deal to Sandwich on Kent coast path

Walk from Deal to Sandwich on Kent coast path

Every summer, I do coastal walks in England. Its an amazing experience to walk miles in stunning paths with sea on one side and lush green meadows on the other. I now have a nice bundle of walks under my belt and love to explore more every year.

The walk from Deal to Sandwich on Kent coast is part of Saxon Shore way. A beautiful stretch with the North Sea on one side and lush green golf courses on the other side. The walk from Deal Pier to Sandwich town is about 9 kms. Its an easy walk, with some walk on the pebble beaches. Carry water and some food.

The walk starts from Deal Pier, which is a beautiful sight with a pebble beach. There are restaurants and pubs all around so you can have your fill before starting. If you stand facing the sea, you need to start walking left. There are signs to Sandwich. You will walk for about half a mile along on the Deal Beach.

As you leave the Deal Beach behind, the walk continues on the Pebble beach but more on a defined path. Its a little rugged with pebbles and grass. On your left you will see the Royal Cinque ports golf club. There is a very wide area to walk between the golf club and the beach where you can avoid the pebbles. Keep walking straight with the golf course on left.

Keep walking straight, no turns. The walk is very serene with blue water on your right and the lush green slopes of the golf course on your left.

There are no turns and you will keep walking straight ahead. The paths unfolds as you walk, its pretty simple and straightforward. You will spot few lovely villas with most envious views. Dont stop yourself, click some pics.

You will soon be at the Sandwich sailing club.

Waking further you will reach Sandwich Bay Estate. You will see boards indicating private area. Now you can continue to walk further, it will lead you to Pegwell Bay. If you take a left from here (there is a driveway) and walk to the Sandwich town. On the way you will come across Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory trust. That’s another spot to explore if you have time.

I had to head back to London so i decided to walk to Sandwich town to catch the train. Now unlike many other towns, Sandwich is not just at the edge of the beach. The walk from the beach to Sandwich town center is almost 50 minutes. Its quite straightforward though. If you have taken the left and crossed the Observatory keep walking there are no turns, it lands up straight in the town.

You can get trains to London Bridge, Waterloo, Charing cross from Sandwich. Remember to budget time if you have to walk from the beach to the station. I spent an hour exploring Sandwich, it’s a lovely medieval town, cobbled streets and some cozy pubs and cafes.

Deal to Sandwich is a beautiful walk inspiring you to explore more of Kent coast path. Its also a great day out with friends and kids. If you are looking for another interesting walk in London suburbs, try the Chess Valley walk

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