The charming village of Wilderswil in Interlaken

The charming village of Wilderswil in Interlaken

Wilderswil is a small charming village in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland. This region is blessed with splendid lakes, meadows, mountains and some postcard perfect villages. What will amaze you is the wonderful public transport, which connects it to other main cities and the fact that it’s immaculately clean. I felt this village was so well manicured that the stay of two days here, was just not enough to consume its beauty.

Why Wilderswil?

Obvious question with a very obvious answer! If you are in Switzerland and planning to explore the Jungfrau massif along with some Lakes excursion, then a stay at Wilderswil is perfect. You can explore a lot making Wilderswil as your base.

Explore Interlaken – A beautiful region that is the junction of many treks and hiking. You can get buses to various other villages and trains

Excursion to Jungfrau – As they say if you are on Jungfrau, you are on top of Europe. From Interlaken there are various tour companies that will conduct tours to Jungfrau and Schilthorn mountains.

Explore Lake Thun and Lake Brienz – Interlaken is flanked with Lake Thun and Brienz on both sides. The scenery of the small villages on its shores is simply breathtaking. From Wilderswil you can take a bus directly to Interlaken and from there find trains or buses to other villages on these Lakes.

– Explore Alpine villages – While you explore Wilderswil and enjoy its own mystic charm, there are other mountain villages which are accessible via the rack railway. Visit the postcard towns of Grindelwald, Wengen and Murren.

Since Wilderswil is quite popular among tourists making it their hub for many days of further travel, there are plenty of accommodation options. There are guesthouses, B&B, hotels all over. There are very few restaurants though so most of the time you need to dine in your hotel or have food arrangements done.

Hotel Schonbuhl

My stay was at Hotel Schonbuhl which has an amazing location with panoramic views of the Jungfrau mountain and the valley. This hotel is run by the former world ski champion Urs Raber. The rooms are modestly furnished and has all the necessary facilities.

Exploring Wilderswil

While Wilderswil is a small village, its perfect for that dreamy laid back relaxing time. Walk around its clean winding streets and breathe in the fresh mountain air. There is a lot of greenery around to give you a complete city detox experience.

The houses in Wilderswil are what i call ‘Chocolate boxes’. They are a bundle of delight. Brown and rustic full of lovely flowers in bloom. The gardens being adored with very functional and cute planters. Some of them just look like the sketches we have seen in our fairy-tale books. The village also has some cozy cafes and home pubs. You can also find some curio shops with cow bells and other souvenirs, but beware, they can burn your pocket. Try some shopping in Interlaken as well for relatively cheaper products. I will leave you with a bunch of some amazing photos to soak in the beauty of Wilderswil


Address : Wilderswil, Canton of Bern

Nearest station : Wilderswil. More options for other towns and cities is from Interlaken Ost

Web :

Entry : Free

Thumbs up : Great location to explore Jungfrau region, excursions, boar tours

Thumbs down: Expensive and limited food options, nothing much for pure vegetarians. No night life

What’s next? : Head to the neighbouring villages of Lauterbrunnen, Thun, Grindelwald, Mureen

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