Nigella’s No Churn brandied pumpkin ice cream

Nigella’s No Churn brandied pumpkin ice cream

Now we all know Nigella Lawson is a culinary goddess. And I so swear by her recipes. No exaggeration but for me, none of her recipes I have tried, have never failed. And this one is no exception either.

So I made these delicious oats and pumpkin cookies and was leftover with about half of pumpkin puree from the tin. So was searching for options on how to use the leftover as the open can contents do not last for long. I landed on Nigella’s No churn Pumpkin ice cream, and guess the bonus, it has some fabulous hit of brandy. And for me a double bonus was I had some leftover condensed milk after too in the fridge. I was so sold out, there was no doubt in my mind, I had do it. So let’s dive in.

The original recipe link is here

Please follow the ingredients and method as mentioned in original to get the best results.

Quick summary of the process : In a large bowl add the pumpkin puree, condensed milk and mix it well. In a separate bowl whip the double cream so that soft peaks form. Keep an eye as we dont want thicker than this. Mix the cream and the mixture with some grated nutmeg on top. As a variation you can add pumpkin spice too. Add the brandy. Now here is your chance of making some variations. I saw in the comments some have used bourbon or even baileys. Well Iam really not an expert on cooking with alcohol, so I just followed the recipe and used a french brandy. Transfer in a ice cream tub or just a glass dish which you get easily in the kitchen. Cover and chill for few hours and then transfer to freezer.

To serve remember to keep this out for at least 10 minutes. Since it’s a no churn ice cream, you will need to soften it to scoop it out.

I have served it with some pumpkin cookies scattered in the top. They give it an amazing crunch and bit.

An absolutely winning recipe for any season, specially the spooky October.

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