London’s most quirky pub in Covent Garden : Mr Foggs Tavern

London’s most quirky pub in Covent Garden : Mr Foggs Tavern

Mr Foggs is a group of thematic pubs in London. They are all on the conceptualised around Mr Phileas Fogg, the world renowned explorer who traveled the world in 80 days in the book of same name by Jules Verne.

And yes Mr Foggs is a fictional character ; same as Sherlock Holmes.

Though its based on a fictional character, these pubs are hell of a creative concept.

Talking about in this post is Mr Foggs Tavern which is just at the cross section of New Street and St Martin Lane. Emulating the theatre vibe, you can see Taming the Shrew screening poster on its facade.

Mr Foggs Tavern is supposed to be passed on by his Aunt Gertrude to her house keeper Fanny McGee. You will spot a portrait of hers on one of the walls.

The Tavern is quite small. And its full of travel memorabilia.

I got a comfortable spot right at the end on a tall chair. The place is famous for its cocktails.

They are definitely a little pricey but its worth the money.

There is place to sit outside as well if you don’t mind peering passerby. Stone’s throw from here is another Mr Foggs. I have so far visited two of them but I think i really like this place, its so high on quirk quotient.

I couldn’t help myself from clicking the very interesting and retro toilets with these white and blue enamel wash basins.

Sitting inside your eyes will take a long time to adjust. There is so much to absorb.

Feels as if you are in some museum in the Harry Potter movie. Whatever said and done I totally enjoyed my cocktail here. I had more of a visual feast. I like whacky and bold presentations and this place is totally my type. I recommend to everyone who wants something different.

Further from here?

You are definitely spoilt for choice. After all you are in Covent Garden. Walk around or choose a play to watch in one of the theaters. Other options, you could explore Strand or walk to Trafalgar Square as well. Iam sure you will not need help, this is beating heart of London.

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