Lemon and Blueberry drizzle bundt cake

Lemon and Blueberry drizzle bundt cake

I was so keen to try a bundt cake, so much that it was haunting me in my dreams too (loll)

Recently one of my besties was coming down from the US to London and he kindly gifted me these two glorious bundt pans. Now these pans are huge. My usual cake batter of about 275 gms of cake flour and equal proportions of other ingredients does not do justice to the pan. However I was able to size up the pan in this first bake. I suppose next time would have to double the batter or get a recipe of 10-15 cups of cake batter.

Anyway. The occasion was my partner’s birthday. Though he requested a red velvet cake but we wanted to stay away from a lot of cream so I chose to inaugurate my bundt pan baking experience with his amazing recipe from Mary Berry of Lemon and Blueberry Drizzle Ring. You can check and follow the recipe here.

The only change I made to this was use lemons instead of limes as I wanted a lemon flavour. And it has worked perfectly well. The cake is a very mellow yellow and the texture if crumbly. The sides are browned and have such a delicious flavour.

As mentioned in the recipe I have added blueberries on top of the first layer of the cake batter. This is looking fab when you cut the cake. These purple bursts right in the middle of the slices gives it a lovely look.

Its one of the simplest cake recipe I have tried and I love Mary Berry’s recipes. Its like a one pot recipe. Mix all ingredients mix, transfer and bake. Not too much washing either.

Highly recommend you to try this recipe even if you do not have a bundt pan. This will work well with a normal cake tin.

I have decorated with a lemon glaze which I could have made a little better though. Grated green lime and some thyme leaves are added on top which makes it real pretty. Its a great cake to go with a afternoon tea or a coffee.

Let me know if you try this and until next time, eat healthy.

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