Does England need any prelude? Certainly not!

My first memory of England is from my history books when I was in school in India. Being a British colony for nearly 200 years, the larger part of our history lessons were around The British ‘Raj’ in India. In a way it was fascinating to read the names of the Lords and the Viceroys, and then bump on some roads named in their honor as well.

Life gave me a chance to work in England; little I knew, it became my home for few years. Bitten by wanderlust and smitten by the beauty of the English land, my journeys across this beautiful country are some of the most memorable ones, and even if I try hard, words cannot do complete justice to capture the loveliness of England and my own emotions associated with it.

England is by far a very very easy country to navigate. The directions, sign boards, roads are well labelled, and read all in English, so you will seldom find tough. If you stop someone to ask the address of some place, likely they wont know, as they maybe either tourists, or expats or simply they wont know. Best is to use Google Maps and GPS to locate a place.

Its right hand driving. English are a disciplined lot. They wont kill you even if it turns red and you are still crossing. By far strict lane discipline. If you are from States, the roads will suck. Probably your one lane is the width of a full road. This is old world. You don’t have 6-8 lanes motorways cutting across cities.

London is synonymous to England. However more than 40% of London’s population is immigrants. Undoubtedly its one of the world’s most iconic cities, with some well preserved centuries old buildings and contrasting skyscrapers. Any day in the London tube you will find all kinds of people, lost in their headphones, weird hairdos, some sleek smart. London is always evolving and yet so grounded.

English weather is known to be deceitful. Four seasons in one day. Your travel bag must always have an umbrella, some warm clothes depending on the season of your visit, if its summers, you may need some sun block, coolers. If its winter do not forget cap, gloves, warm scarf and socks. London is a fashion capital so pick some chic styles for yourself.

If you are planning a trip to England, London would be the obvious and first choice. More can be added based on your time and interest. England is blessed with abundant natural wonders and architectural wonders in its small beautiful towns. Step out of London to experience the myriad flavours of this lovely country.

Ready to explore?

England is a picturesque country with an old world charm. And London is most visited and photographed city of the world.

Browse through this blog to check out some interesting write-ups and candid pictures from my various trips across England.

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