Blueberry and Almond Cake, a tested recipe from Waitrose

Blueberry and Almond Cake, a tested recipe from Waitrose

I love baking cakes for friends and family. Whenever there is an occasion and I am asked to bring a cake, I always have to do a lot of research of what kind of cake my audience will like, if anyone has any specific likes or dislikes. And sometimes its a no brainer, I just make some classic favourites.

This time it was birthday of one of my colleagues who has been in weight watching recently. I wanted to respect that so decided to stay away from any creams or frosting on the cake. The second best thing to do was to make a cake with some healthy ingredients, hence this cake was made. I spotted this recipe from Waitrose and really like it. After testing it I can tell you I just loved it, infact everyone loved it and the cake was vanished in minutes. Sharing it with you here, this wont disappoint you.

Recipe link here

The cake is absolutely light with a very moreish texture. The use of eggs and the way they are separately whisked and added is the key step to get it right.

I love cakes with almond meal. They are crumbly and scrumptious. And this one is an absolute winner if you are looking for something different for an evening tea or simple to gift it on a lunch or dinner invite.

I hope you will like it. Happy to hear how it turned out and your experience. Until then eat healthy!

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